Tired? Lazy? Can’t get out of bed this Monday morning? If this sounds like you you’re not alone!

These 5 key factors may be the root to your unmotivated problem:

1.      Poor sleeping patterns – one night of improper sleep can take up to
a week for your body to catch up on and feel energized again! It is
hard to stay motivated if you are physically and mentally exhausted,
so getting sleep when you do have the opportunity to is KEY. Take
advantage of days where you can rest.

2.      Failing to plan for TOMORROW- when you lay in bed at night, come up
with 3 main tasks that you have to accomplish the following day.
Prioritizing is a skill that anyone can develop. By doing this, you
will wake up with your mind already engaging in what you have to work
on, and it will take less time to get started and GET IT DONE.

3.      Focusing only on what you ARE doing instead of what you COULD be
doing- If you find yourself going through a similar routine everyday
and feel like you aren’t achieving any new goals, it might mean you
could be doing something differently. Try switching up your routine or
even meeting new people or taking on a new activity or class.

4.       Letting past failures hold you back from existing opportunities-
just because you failed at something, it does not mean you should fear
taking risks or opportunities in future endeavors. Failure is one of
many stepping-stones to success, and if you can overcome the fear of
failure you will begin accomplishing things you never imagined

5.      Comparing yourself to other people – it is good to have role models
and analyze what other people are doing in terms of achieving goals or
overcoming failure and hardships. You are not born with skills- they
are developed through hard work and consistency. That being said, if
you are comparing yourself to someone else in a way that is making
your mind believe they possess a quality that you can’t have- you will
not be successful. Some of the most successful people in the world
came from environments and situations that had them destined for
failure, but they refused to accept that.

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