Kick-starting your fitness journey can be difficult and intimidating. We have all been there. Not knowing where to look, what information is really relevant, and how to schedule it all in with your busy life can be a frustrating experience. It is often this angst with the process that leads beginners to abandon their goals or keep playing the procrastination game. With gymnut, finding the motivation and workouts you need to get started has never been easier.

Whether your beginner workout is for women or men, ab workouts or a good leg routine, there is a workout for you and an online trainers dedicated to getting you in the best shape of your life. Here are 5 quick tips on finding the right workout for you:

  1. Start slowly. Don’t expect to drop from 400 to  200 lbs overnight. Give yourself a realistic window to achieve your goals or you will burn yourself out.
  2. Choose a goal that you can measure -  ie. loose 20 lbs or drop down to that 34 inch waist.
  3. Focus on your problem areas, but don’t forget to hit the rest. Those spartan abs are going to look pretty weird on noodle legs.
  4. Talk to other people with similar goals. Odds are your not the first one to wanting work off the last 15 years of beer and cheetos, and they will all have awesome advice for how to stick to your routine.
  5. Keep it convenient. If you have a busy schedule then don’t pick a workout that needs you to be in the gym for three hours – better to go for the 45 minute one mixed with some at home workouts.



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