Have you ever set a new years resolution that you never actually ended up achieving? It probably seemed very important at the time, and you were totally committed to it – but over time, it just kept getting put off and was never reached!

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, only 8% of people successfully achieve their new years resolutions. Why is this the case? Why are new years resolutions, or any goals for that matter, so difficult to keep at the top our priority lists? Here are 7 reasons why you may not be meeting your resolutions:

1. Setting unrealistic goals

You should have high expectations and goals for yourself for the New Year, but make sure that the resolution is attainable and realistic!

reason 1

2. Getting carried away with the holidays

YES, the holidays are a time to be with family and relax, but it does not mean that we should loose sight of our resolutions and goals or get lazy!

reason 2

3. Putting it off because it’s only January and “you have the whole year to do it”

If you keep doing this, chances are, you will never get to it no matter what month of the year it is!

reason 3

4. Setting a resolution that really isn’t that important to you

Your resolution should be extremely important to you and your lifestyle. If it isn’t the main priority of what you need to work on, then the other matters that you need to work on will always take precedence and your resolution will not be achieved.

reason 4

5. Allowing other people to discourage you from following through

If the resolution that you made is important to you, STICK WITH IT! Don’t let someone else’s opinion turn you away from working on something that you feel will make you a better person.

reason 5

6. Finding Excuses

There are times in life when it seems like everything is going wrong and you just want to fall apart. These are the times where you have to work even harder and use the potential achievement and rewards of your resolution as your motivation to sail through the rough patches.

reason 6

7. Losing faith in yourself

You are the biggest factor influencing the success of achievement of your resolution. If you don’t believe in yourself and trust the process, even other people’s confidence in you will only be able to get you so far in terms of motivation. A positive mentality is KEY to being in that 8% category of people who follow through with and achieve their resolutions.

reason 7

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