As a personal trainer, gym, wellness and fitness professional, are you taking your social presence seriously? If yes, how much time and effort are you putting into your social media management?

Among all social media, Instagram MUST be a big part of all the tools you use to build your brand, generate leads and make sales. Here is a successful fitness trainer ( @emilyskyefit ) who has made a lot of vibes and sound impact on Instagram, not even in a long period of time.IMG_3126

Before we get into the details of building a strong Instagram account and tie it to your sales and marketing, let’s not forget that Instagram has:

• More than 500 million monthly active users.
• 100+ million videos & photos shared daily.
• A global audience.

Now take a step back and think twice. Is Instagram important for your brand and business as a personal trainer, fitness professional, or a gym/studio as it is for @devinphysique ? If the answer is Yes, read the rest of this article!



There are many success stories and articles on how to use Instagram to skyrocket revenue, sales, or raise awareness. For example, this post by Neil Patel discusses how by just using Instagram he generated more than $300000 in 3 months.

Also, as a personal trainer you may have noticed that a large portion of Instagram has been dedicated to fitness, fitness influencers such as @paigehathaway ,and products such as @Shredz. People have shown interest in following fitness, trainers, and anyone who can inspire them to stay healthy.


In this article, I have decided to share 7 tools that can help you catapult your Instagram marketing.


1- Instagrowth

What tools are you using to grow your Instagram account? Like most of us, you do it manually, right? And it consumes a lot of time. If you were like me, you have probably already hired someone off-shore to do it for you.

Here is a tool you MUST use: Instagrowth. It is the only response to the pain of growing your Instagram account. It has been developed by Gymnut, a social fitness marketplace for fitness professionals and trainers.

Instagrowth allows you to set a few key targeting parameters that are relevant to your business and get you started. Then, the software uses them intelligently to follow, like, and/or comment on your target audiences media (images and/or videos) and grab their attention to your page; more visibility for you. That is one of the most efficient ways of aiming for your audience and growing your account with them organically.

It takes the pain out of your growth and does it 24/7. Here is how it works.

Let’s say you are a “female personal trainer” who works in “Downtown Toronto”, and trains people for “yoga”, “lean body”, and “post pregnancy”. You also know that @paigehathaway is the influencer for whose followers you crave. Instagrowth takes all of these key inputs, and then targets people with the interests and posted media within your inputs. It grabs the attention of the users by giving them a follow, likes and comments that you have crafted (5-10 custom comments).

Additionally, it allows you to send direct messages to all of your existing and/or new followers with a call to action which may relate to your business. For example, you can ask them to follow you on Gymnut or unlock one of your free workouts to turn them to your leads for your upcoming premium products, workouts, classes and etc.

2- Buffer

Do you use any tools to manage your Instagram and stay organized?

If you would like to have more discipline in managing your Instagram account, then it is time to take a look at Buffer.

Buffer enables you to schedule posts on the time slots you like or the ones are suggested by Buffer based on the best trends in the market. You can use its web browser to upload posts. It also supports for multiple accounts (perfect for gyms and studios).

Let’s take a closer look at these primary features:

• Web upload. Upload images or videos and edit them before pushing it live.
• Schedule posts. Post your media now or later? Take the times that Buffer suggests based on your time zone. This is a massive time saver for many marketers.
• Manage Multiple Accounts. Maybe you have more than one Instagram account. Or, maybe you’re a gym or franchise that manages accounts for a variety of trainers. Buffer has you covered, with its multiple account management feature.


3- Yotpo

Yotpo can put you on the right track when it comes to “social curation”. In relation to Instagram, this tool helps you “identify and collect” user-generated content that relates to your business.

Therefore, you can take advantage of 4 distinct benefits:

• Increase on-site conversion.
• Drive traffic to your personal website or online stores such as Gymnut fitness stores ( by Blain Sumner or Gymnut Store by @tjtheContender)from Instagram.
• Increase traffic to any product pages you have on your Gymnut store (by Lacy Brown).
• Use curated photos across many mediums, including your website, social posts and Yotpo Ads (among others).


4- SnapWidget

Have you ever thought how to stream your photos and videos to your website? Or sync your Instagram with your store or website? SnapWidget is your answer.

You strive to post quality images to your Instagram feed as often as possible and you want them to be showcased on your website for SEO reasons or other goals. With this tool, you can easily display Instagram photos and videos on your website. It also works with Twitter, providing you with an even bigger marketing boost.

Imagine as a personal trainer you run a social contest in which your audience must post their photos and tag them with a given hashtag. Then with the help of SnapWidget you can pull all of these media onto your website and showcase them in:

• Grid Widget
• Scrolling Widget
• Map Widget (show the media on a map)
• Slideshow


5- Iconosquare

Are you curious to see your growth numbers on Instagram or see where your followers are located? If yes, then this tool is for you.

The primary purpose of Iconosquare is to help you measure and optimize your performance. This goes a long way in helping you understand what’s working and what’s not, which allows you to make changes as necessary.

Here is a short list of some of the data that Iconosquare can track and share with you:

• Gained and lost followers.
• Media posted.
• Followers location.
• Posts on hashtag.
• Top followers.
• Best time to post.


6- Flipagram

Everyone has a great story to share. You know what I mean. You have multiple photos that complete a story. This app let you stitch them together and make a nice animated video or slideshow to be shared all over other accounts and apps.

Sticking with pictures alone rises the risk of staling your account after a while. Flipagram helps protect against this, by providing the ability to create a slideshow video for Instagram. This gives your page a bit of flair, as opposed to the “same old, same old”.


7. Agora Pulse

AgoraPulse is all about better understanding your audience. One of your primary Instagram marketing goals as a personal trainer is to engage your audience on a regular basis.

When you log into your Agora account you get a lot, from the number of brand mentions to top keywords, it’s all here for your review.


(via AgoraPulse Blog)

You’ll find a couple of key metrics that can be used in many ways:

• Better understand fans of your brand.
• Give a much better customer service.
• To assign characters to specific users.

AgoraPulse is one of those tools that you have to experience firsthand, if you truly want to understand its power. Personally, I enjoy the simplicity of the dashboard. Everything is laid out in a clear and concise manner, allowing you to always find what you’re looking for.

Agora Pulse

Now you know some great tools you can use to boost your Instagram marketing. But always remember that using the tools alone would not turn you into the brand you desire to be. Actively share photos and videos to Instagram that your followers and target audience can relate to. This is how you’ll gain maximum benefits from the tools too. So, keep posting!