How do you define training? Working out? Learning and following a plan? Motivating yourself? Focusing on nutrition? All of those things?

There is no secret to staying healthy, and getting the shape that you’ve always wanted. It requires consistency, focus, resolve, and the right people behind you. It takes about 3 weeks of repeat behaviour to turn something into a habit, and to drive the behavioural change you’re looking for. There is no better way to make fitness a habit then by learning and training with the best, the people that have dedicated to master their craft – improving your life.

We’ve put together a list of five Gymnut online trainers that you should probably be following, no matter what your fitness goals are. They are sure to inspire you and prepare you to get in the best shape of your life. Simply click on their Gymnut trainer profiles or find them on the Android app (The iPhone app is coming soon!).

  1. Cindy Landolt
    Cindy is a personal trainer and nutrition expert based in Zurich, Switzerland. She has regularly been featured on National TV, Radio, and in multiple international magazines and newspapers. She also owns one of the most exclusive Gyms in Europe, the Centurion Club. Thanks to her dedicated following and fans, she is quickly becoming one of the most popular trainers online.

    Online trainer

    Trainer Cindy Landolt

  2. Joshua Clark
    For the last 10 years, Joshua has been helping people transform their lives, body, and mind. Now that being fit and healthy is finally ‘cool’, he hopes to build on it as a lifestyle choice and passion for as many people as he can. He specialises in knee and spinal rehabilitation, but is comfortable training any body type or goal. After studying exercise science at Aukland University in New Zealand and a short stint as a professional basketball player, he is now one of the most sought after personal trainers and fitness experts in the UK.

    Online Trainer

    Trainer Joshua Clark

  3. Jenna Rowe
    Being a single mom of two and a full time personal and online trainer may be intimidating to some, but that is not a word you will likely find in Jenna’s vocabulary. She turned to fitness and training as a healthy way to handle the stress of her divorce, and she never looked back. She specializes in women’s bodybuilding, weight loss, functional training, high intensity interval training (HIIT), with a special focus on teaching busy moms to workout and eat right.

    Online Trainer

    Trainer Jenna Rowe

  4. Alexander Karpov
    As one of the hottest new trainers in Miami, Alexander Karpov is a fitness entrepreneur with a passion for helping people build their dream physique. Having been training since the young age of 13, he is full of experience, expertise and wisdom, and is a top notch online coach, offering personalized meal plans and workout routines. He is also an avid fitness model and is working on several innovative fitness projects.

    Online Trainer

    Trainer Alex Karpov

  5. Nina Tavarez
    After having spent years and failing trying to lose those extra few pounds from college, she decided to break the cycle and focus on hard work, dedication, and nutrition. She started eating healthy, natural foods, lighting weights, and cutting her time on the treadmill in half, the gains have never stopped. She is now certified through the International Sports Science Association as a fitness nutrition specialist and a fitness trainer. She started Nina Fitness Training LLC in January 2014, and has been helping clients across the world reach their fitness goals ever since.

    Online Trainer

    Trainer Nina Tavarez

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