As with any business, marketing your training studio requires planning, execution and persistence. There are 3 key overlapping parts of marketing, particularly online. As a platform that empowers you to run your training business, we have integrated features that allow you to streamline your client lifecycle, which includes the following:

  1. Generating leads/traffic
  2. Driving conversion/sales
  3. Referrals/viral marketing

Once you master all three aspects of your client marketing cycle - your business will be thriving and running like a well oiled machine. To help kick-start your sales – we’ve put together a guide of 5 actionable steps you can take to successfully market your store, and your products.

1) Share your Gymnut URL – The first thing you need to do is share your studio link (ex. with your friends, followers, and potential leads. Be sure to update your social media website links and add compelling call-to-actions in the bio descriptions. If you have an existing website that is generating traffic, you can create a link for your ‘STUDIO’ and drive clients towards it. When your in-person clients inquire about your products or services – direct them to your Gymnut URL. The more leads you get, the more sales you will close.

Lacy Insta SS

Share your URL as much as you can


2) Content is King – Interesting, informative, and inspirational content is key in gaining engaging followers that are willing to purchase your products. Instagram and Youtube are the 2 most effective platforms for engaging followers, especially in fitness. For this reason – your Gymnut feed can sync both Instagram and Youtube feeds – replacing the need to direct them to multiple platforms. Make sure you are using a weekly/monthly content plan for each platform you use. Click here to learn how to build a sales driven content plan in 10 minutes.

Gymnut trainer marketing

Content is king – for engagement and sales

3) Master Lead Management - For those that aren’t ready to buy anything just yet (i.e. your social followers!!), but are interested in your content – ask them to follow or message you directly on Gymnut. The Gymnut client management suite lets you create a sales funnel for grouping and messaging your current clients, potential clients, followers, and mailing lists – all from one place. Once you’ve initiated messaging, you can share direct product links for products that you recommend.

Master your leads by building a sales funnel

Master your leads by building a sales funnel

4) Drive Referrals Through your Clients – Come up with creative ways to drive referrals through your clients. Gymnut has two built-in systems currently that you can use: a) Free plans or classes must be shared on social media to unlock, and b) For each successful product referral, both the client and referral receive 10% off a purchase. This is the most effective way to grow your client base and automate leads/traffic – Be sure to use your content and captions to make these incentives very clear.

Free plans or classes must be shared to unlock - driving referrals!

Free plans or classes must be shared to unlock – driving referrals!


5) Start Going Local – Leverage your online presence and focus on building a community locally, as well as online. For driving referrals and automating leads, the network effect is more pronounced locally. In other words – its better to have 10 clients in 1 neighbourhood, as opposed to having 100 clients online all over the world. Using targeted advertising(ex. Facebook or Instagram) is a great way to drive sales locally. This is especially effective for free classes, where we have seen entire classes selling out within a couple hours, generating 30 new highly qualified leads for weekly class memberships or training packages. In addition, the Gymnut web and mobile apps are launching a local feature this summer – letting people nearby find you and your classes/training packages.

Focus on building a thriving local community

Focus on building a thriving local community


Keep in mind – the steps mentioned above are only introductory. Mastering these steps and your clients market lifestyle will take lots of practice and tweaking before its running smoothly. If you have any specific questions on any of these strategies, or for marketing help in general, send an e-mail to, and we’d be happy to help.

Click here to return to part 2 of this guide, which expands on and provides examples of the kinds of products and services you can offer with Gymnut.


 6. Use Instagrowth to grow your Instagram organically and  targeted


 Instagrowth is the only response to the pain of growing your Instagram account as the highest conversion channel for sales in fitness.

Instagrowth allows you to set a few key targeting parameters that are relevant to your business and get you started. Then, the software uses them intelligently to follow, like, and/or comment on your target audiences media (images and/or videos) and grab their attention to your page; more visibility for you. That is one of the most efficient ways of aiming for your audience and growing your account with them organically.

It takes the pain out of your growth and does it 24/7. Here is how it works.

Let’s say you are a “female personal trainer” who works in “Downtown Toronto”, and trains people for “yoga”, “lean body”, and “post pregnancy”. You also know that @paigehathaway is the influencer for whose followers you crave. Instagrowth takes all of these key inputs, and then targets people with the interests and posted media within your inputs. It grabs the attention of the users by giving them a follow, likes and comments that you have crafted (5-10 custom comments).

Additionally, it allows you to send direct messages to all of your existing and/or new followers with a call to action which may relate to your business. For example, you can ask them to follow you on Gymnut or unlock one of your free workouts to turn them to your leads for your upcoming premium products, workouts, classes and etc.

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