Instagram can be an amazing tool for developing a following and reputable brand. However, it seems a lot of trainers aren’t effectively using the features and opportunities the platform provides.

With Instagram being such as visual experience for followers, it goes without saying anything you post should look professional and be of a high quality. Images shouldn’t appear pixelated, and you should have congruent branding throughout graphics, text and any other content you upload.

To get a better idea as to how to have an effective Instagram account, let’s take a look at two specific areas of Instagram and how you can use them to become an influencer.

Posting Frequency

First of all, to build up a credible and reputable Instagram profile, it’s essential you post frequently. Studies have shown that daily posts during “off work” hours provide the best results. Posting daily is analogous to fishing that the more lines you have in the water, the more likely you are to make a catch. On Instagram, the more content you put on your feed over time, the more active and credible your profile will appear to followers.

It can be handy to use services such as “Buffer” or “TagScout” to preload a number of daily Instagram posts to automate the process of scheduling posts. This means you can spend an hour or so creating a week’s worth of Instagram content, leaving you free to enjoy your week without having to worry about daily posts. It’s recommended you use a secure connection when using social media automation services, though, so that you can protect assets, especially while in public. Hackers are always looking to take advantage of growing social media profiles.

If you enjoy posting “on the fly” type content, you can still do so alongside your preloaded posts. There’s no harm in posting more than once per day!

Effective use of Hashtags

Instagram allows users to insert up to 30 hashtags per post, and it’s highly recommended you take advantage of all of them. Each hashtag carries with it the opportunity to grow your following and brand, and if you gain enough traction through followers and activity on your posts, you can grow your profile exponentially and become an influencer in no time. You can also comment on your own posts and insert hashtags in the comment section to create more exposure for your profile. To search and find the best hashtags and the ones used most frequent, TagScout has a tool called Growth which comes super handy.

It’s a good practice to save a file or document somewhere handy that contains all the frequently used hashtags for your profile. You can add and subtract hashtags to posts by split-testing them to see which perform best for you. Split-testing with Instagram posts is fairly difficult since it would be unwise to post the same content twice. People may find it repetitive and unfollow you. However, you can use similar posts and groups of different hashtags together to find which work best for you and to provide the most activity and new followers.

Take a look at your competitor’s use of hashtags and try using some that apply to your posts. If the activity on your post gains more traction than your rivals, you could soon overtake them and have a stronger influence in the market than them.


There are a variety of different strategies you can use to make your Instagram account more effective. To find out what is best, you’ll have to go for the old-fashioned trial and error approach. However, posting high-quality content and images frequently and making good use of hashtags are tried and true methods for growing your brand and becoming an influencer. Give them a shot and watch your influence grow!

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