If you are a true Gymnut then odds are that you will already know many of the names topping our list of the foremost female fitness personalities on Instagram. The online training experts at  Fitness2.0 have compiled the list for enthusiasts looking for the best inspiration and training to meet their goals. The trainers are listed in alphabetical order:

  1. Alexa Jean Brown is a 24-year old fitmom, entrepreneur, and a Shredz sponsored athlete with a passion for fitness and fashion. She began blogging to keep track of all the sweet details in her life, and after receiving inspiring feedback, she took her fitness brand to a whole new level. She is famous for her comprehensive ebooks, and has a loyal following of successful clients. All you fitmoms out there, be sure to give her a follow!AlexaJeanBrown
  2. If you know Ainsley Rodriguez, or follow her on social media, chances are that you will agree with one thing – she always has a smile on her face! Having been active her whole life, she initially had dreams of going to medical school, but was convinced by Arvin Lal, the CEO of Shredz, to join them as an athlete, and the the rest is history. She now focuses on her passion for fitness and helping her clients look and feel great, inside and out.
    Ainsley Rodriguez
  3. Brittany Couto is the perfect combination of brains, brawn, and beauty. After graduating high school she went on to compete in the NCAA Gymnastics Collegiate World cup, where she thrived and became addicted to accomplishing goals.  After college, she set her sights on a new goal - fitness competitions. She adjusting her training and diet plans, mastered her stage presence and posing, and is now a WBFF Pro, as well as a Shredz sponsored athlete.brittany-coutu
  4. Emily Skye began her fitness journey in 2010, after spending her early years pursuing a modelling career. Her true calling, however, was when she found her passion for mental and physical strength, and doing whatever it takes to be comfortable in your skin. She has built a wildly successful brand around helping women become healthy, fit, and happy. She has been featured in just about every womens fitness magazine, and is one of the most popular trainers online.
    emily skye
  5. Kayla Itsines enrolled in a personal training course at the Australian Institute of Fitness, and the rest is history. While working at a personal training centre, she did her own research on how to get the most success for her clients, and built an exercise and diet regiment targeting the issues they faced the most. Having built up an army of transformations and a loyal fanbase, her 12-week bikini body program has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Shape magazine to name a few.Kayla Istines
  6. Lais De Leon started training at the age of 19 and is a an online trainer, a fitness model, and a successful fitrepreneur. She offers complete 1-1 online training programs, including personalized video workouts and diet plans, regular check-ins, and just about everything else you need to stay on track.  Her success with online clients, with testimonials all over the web, makes her one of the top trainers online.
    Lais Deleon
  7. Lyzebeth Lopez is an internationally renowned celebrity trainer based in Toronto. Dubbed the number one fitness model in Canada by Inside Fitness Magazine, Lyzabeth has millions of followers and has great success with her ‘Hourglass’ shaping techniques. Her 15 years of experience, and tens of thousands of transformations put her in a class of her own.
  8. Paige Hathaway, a small town girl from Minnesota is one of the hottest online trainers and fitness models in the world. Her journey began in 2011, when she placed second in the Ronnie Coleman Classic, one of the biggest Nation Pro Card competitions in the United States. Today, she is one of the most successful Shredz sponsored athletes, and after years of persistence and gaining exposure, she found her purpose – to help others have a fit lifestyle without giving up on the things they love.
    Paige Hathaway
  9. Hailing from Las Vegas, Tana Cogan was first introduced to fitness by her mother at the age of 13. By 18, she was competing and had turned has passion into a career. She holds certifications in both ACE and AFAA, and is dedicated to helping her clients reach their ultimate goals. She peaches a consistent healthy lifestyle, composed of balance nutrition and proper exercise, all of which come with her customized online training plans.
    Tana Ashlee

Gymnut is a disruptive social fitness marketplace on a mission to #RedefineTraining. The women above are truly pioneers, using the power of social media to influence, inspire, and train millions of people around the world. By finding new ways to promote fitness, and offer online training, they have become role models for all future trainers. 







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