Personal Trainer Kathleen Trotter

Personal Trainer Kathleen Trotter

Kathleen Trotter is a popular trainer from Toronto who doubles as an influential writer for Globe and Mail’s fitness column. Over the last decade she has accumulated an impressive resume, including a master’s in exercise science, and is currently working on becoming a certified nutritionist as well. Fitness2.0 had a one on one with Kathleen to learn about her business, her love of fitness, and how it all got started.

Kathleen says that her interest first peaked back when she first started going to the YMCA just after she finished Grade 8. Her love of physical activity blossomed and she would go on to volunteer at the YMCA for over a decade. During that time she would help put herself through university with proceeds from physical training.

Q. What is the hardest part about becoming a personal trainer?

The biggest barrier when you first start out is building a broad client base. The most long term problem that trainers will encounter is effectively managing other peoples schedules.

Q. What is the best part about becoming a personal trainer?

Meeting and working with diverse and interesting people – as well as feeling energized and empowered all day long!

Q. When you’re not in the gym where are you?

My dad is a director and my mom is an actress.Theatre is in my blood, so I like going to Stratford Ontario with my family to see theatre. As well as biking and getting ready for my next triathlon.

Q. What is currently your primary fitness goal?

This year to achieve short distance speed goals.

Q. Who is your fitness idol?

My strong and confident mother, father who still actively plays hockey, and everyday people who are trying to reach their personal fitness goals.

Q. Final advice?

You’re always one workout away from a better mood!

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