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 The one-arm dumbbell bench press. Not only does this exercise hammer the chest, it also has many other benefits. So why don’t you see it in the gym more often?

What Does It Do?

This exercise is a great exercise to train for overall upper-body strength and horseshoe triceps – working the whole chest. In addition, utilizing more unilateral upper-body exercises is a great way to reduce any imbalances that may exist in the right and left side of the body.This exercises is also a fantastic way to hammer the core as well. Think of a plank on your back while performing a press.

How To Do It?

Grab a dumbbell (or even a kettlebell) and keep your head and upper-back pasted to the bench with a slight arch in the lower back. Keep your chest and shoulders square. Use a neutral grip for this exercise. This makes it a little more shoulder friendly. Aim for the armpit when you lower the weight down. Keeping your butt and pelvis flat on the bench is crucial. This ensures a nice stable core with no compensation.

Foot position is a personal preference. You can have feet flat with knees at 90 degrees, or have them bent and dig your toes into the ground. Just push your feet into the ground to stay stable. Make sure to avoid hanging onto the bench for balance. You want your opposite side to get some work in.

Try 2-4 sets of 6-10 reps on each side. Any more than 10 reps can be difficult to maintain form.


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