We all know the drill. New years, new beginnings. The perfect chance to rebuild and shape yourself into the new and improved you. Whether its reaching an ideal weight, sticking to your gym routines, eating better, or striving for a healthier lifestyle in general – it starts with a commitment to change.

But how effective are new years resolutions? Psychologist Dr. Norcross, author of the book ‘Changeology: 5 steps to realizing your goals and resolutions’, concluded that by the end of January – 60% of people are still hanging in there, but this number drops to around 40% after 6 months. Interestingly, around 60% of the ‘non-resolvers’ will make the same resolutions the following year, creating what he termed the self change merry-go-round.

After studying the ‘resolver’ group that actually sticks to their resolutions – Dr. Norcross found that the following 5 overlapping traits are critical when it comes to committing to change:

1) Breaking resolutions into attainable and realistic goals, 2) Spending the time to convert temporary behavior into habit – (around 3 months), 3) Learn from slip ups and use them as motivation, 4) Find friends, a community, or a trainer to hold you accountable, and 5) Empower yourself with a plan of action to help meet your goals.

We’ve put together a list of 5 amazing gymnut trainers that are ready to inspire, motivate, and train you to commit to change in 2015. Simply click on the Gymnut trainer profiles and follow the trainers that inspire you the most.

1) Kristal Holmes

Kristal is a health and wellness coach, NPC Figure Competitor, fitness model, and attorney. She enjoys inspiring others to reach their health and fitness goals, committing to a healthier lifestyle while enjoying the benefits of a nutritious diet and regular exercise. Her specific expertise include weight loss and body sculpting.


2) Joshua Echeverria

Joshua is a fun and motivating certified personal trainer with sports nutrition and advanced health fitness certifications.  He operates his very own gym – Flexxx Fitness, and has over 2 years of training experience and many success stories under his belt, along with his own inspirational journey. He trains with a hybrid style to not only achieve the aesthetic goals but also in a functional manner to get the most out of your body. His motto: ‘Let’s get you looking and feeling good’.


3) Nick Herrera

Nick has been training for the last decade and has helped hundreds of people get great, effective workouts with amazing results! Fitness is one of his greatest passions, and he loves offering the tools and training required to stay active and commit to a healthier lifestyle. He specialized in body fat loss, muscle gain, muscle toning, rehabilitation, stretching/flexibility, athletic performance, balance, stability and much more!


4) Austin Toloza

Coach Austin is a certified fitness as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and also holds an advanced fitness degree from SJSU.  He has a strong desire for bringing the best out of people who hope to make a positive change in themselves. Through his years as a personal trainer and fitness professional, Austin has helped hundreds if not thousands of clients in one way, shape or form in improving their lifestyle habits by motivating, inspiring, educating and coaching.


5) Zack Morris

Zack is a former pro-cyclist with a truly inspiring story. After suffering from a major shoulder injury for 3 years, Zack took a hold of his life and set about transforming himself both physically and mentally. His fitness programs focus on the mental aspects of personal development as much as proper diet and exercise plans. He has successfully transformed hundreds of clients and is also the founder of the #MotivateMeBro hashtag – the energy you put out is just as important as the energy you take in. 

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