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There are by and large three or four diverse approaches to expand your odds of getting featured on Instagram feature pages.

  1. Hashtags – Usually feature pages will establish particular hashtags devoted to their page. Starting there, those accountable for that Instagram highlight page will gather their favourite photos to feature in that particular hashtag.
  2. Tagging- Tagging a wealth of feature pages to your most recent photograph will likewise be a strategy to build your odds. Like hashtags, those in control will take a gander at their tags to choose their most favourite photos.
  3. Direct Messaging Pages – This technique I don’t utilise constantly, yet in the event that I feel unequivocally around one of my pictures, I’ll direct message a couple of pages my photo to them. In some cases, you’ll hear back that they’ll be featuring your photo.
  4. Posting on the Tagscout Community – This is particular to Tagscouters, but our team chooses our work for the Instagram feature page solely from the Tagscout community. Post your work under your portfolio segment on your profile with a concise caption about your photo to build the possible hood of your work being featured!

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