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Since you know how to set up your Instagram “like” game, we should discuss how to get more followers. You’ve likely heard through your 13-year-old cousin that individuals really pay for followers. That is not how you want to do it. There are approaches to get followers for free–just follow these three simple steps:

1) Become a loyal Liker

As we specified some time recently, it’s critical to be a dedicated Liker. Don’t simply like and comment on your besties photographs, share the adoration with individuals who aren’t really in your tight circle. You can even go so far as to like photographs of friends or friends who you don’t know so well. Simply watch, you’ll get a follow back.

2) Choose hashtags carefully

Running over the edge with hashtags is, similar to, social suicide, however, you’re not going to get more followers without them. Along these lines, when choosing which hashtags to utilize, consider ones that help increase followers (#LB = like back, #l4l = like for like) and well known ones (#love, #instagood) that are utilized the most on IG (aka, will be seen by the most people when the click to search it).

3) Use follower recommendations

I wager a great deal of you got Instagram before it could interface with your Facebook friends, isn’t that so? All things considered, not that is something you can do. Go to your profile, tap the settings wheel in the upper right corner, and under “Follow People” click “Facebook Friends” to see who you’re not following yet. Give them a follow and they will most likely follow back. Same goes for the contacts in your telephone who you’re not following yet.

As a recommendation, TagScout can help you with automating your likes 24/7 and making it super smart in terms who you target. Also it has been one of the greatest tools I have used to search for the tags in any industry.


Let us know if you try any of these tricks and if they work out!

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