Instagram is one of the largest and most popular social media platforms, and TagScout is here for you to get Instagram followers for free.


As a fitness brand, we at Gymnut have used Instagram to promote our own business. However, like anyone trying to go from zero to thousands of followers real quick, it wasn’t an easy process. Even when you have a great product with lots of engaging content, getting Instagram followers becomes a job in itself. It’s something that very few people have time for. That’s why we created TagScout, a tool that organically gets Instagram followers for your profile based on targeted hashtags and locations. It’s what we would be doing already – searching for specific hashtags, finding followers, interacting with them and making connections – except now, it happens 24/7 and we just sit back and watch it unfold. Our @gymnutapp Instagram profile has gained over 10,000 new followers since beginning TagScout a few months ago, and now it’s your turn.


Due to the success of TagScout with our own profile, we now want to open this service up to our many dedicated Gymnut users. Now, you can try this tool for free for 14 days and see the results for yourself (no credit card info required) . If you’re a personal trainer, this is the most efficient way to generate leads and turn them into paying clients for your business. You will literally have hundreds of potential customers from around the world flooding to your profile every week. Link them to your custom Gymnut store and you get instant sales. Dedicated Gymnut trainer @lacybrownfit tested TagScout for us and grew her following to over 35,000 and gets new clients every day. Another dedicated trainer, @mikedaramolafitness, recently started TagScout and has quickly reached over 3,400 followers and is getting at least two new clients a week from Instagram. Even if you aren’t selling products, getting Instagram followers with TagScout will only net positive results. What could you possibly have to lose? Get Instagram followers for free with TagScout today. Visit TagScout to start your free trial.




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