Half of all Instagram users check the app daily, and chances are, you’re one of them. Instagram has quickly become a leading social media platform and is not going away anytime soon. Not only is it a great place for you to connect with friends and personalities, but it’s also becoming an ideal platform to promote and run a business. Specifically, it’s caused a drastic change in the world of fitness professionals. Personal trainers now are in need of entrepreneurial social media techniques in order to promote and expand their brand identity online. If done correctly, Instagram can be used as a tool to attract leads and clients for your business in a way that blows every other method out of the water. Here are a few essential tips to help you grow your personal training business on Instagram:

1)   Manually Like Photos in your Niche Liking photos in your niche notifies other similar profiles so they can then follow you back. For instance, if you often post pictures of your vegan workout meals, this opens up multiple niches for you to exploit. You could like images related to your niche by searching hashtags like #vegan, #workoutmeal, and #healthyeating. Anyone who gets a notification of your activity cant can then view your profile and like you back. This is a more targeted approach than just engaging with random users because it keeps your niche and interests in tact.

2)   Strategically Use Hashtags Speaking of hashtags, using them in your posts is a necessary component of drawing more users to your profile. Data shows that using 11+ hashtags on your posts draws the most attention.   It’s important to study and find out the best hashtags to use. Websites like https://top-hashtags.com/ can help you find out the best hashtags to use to target your niche. Some examples of the most popular fitness hashtags are #fitness, #fitnessaddict, #fitnessjourney, and #fitnessmotivation.

3)   Geotag your photos Tagging your location on photos opens up a perfect audience to draw attraction to your posts. Upload a picture of your hike in the park? Geotag it. Just get a smoothie from your favorite smoothie place? Geotag it. Small efforts like this can make a huge impact over time as more people are drawn to the places you visit and tag. It allows others to search for specific locations and see your posts appear in the results. Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 5.28.12 PM 4)   Use TagScout The three above strategies can all be implemented automatically and intelligently with TagScout to organically grow your following faster than you could ever do manually. Simply input your targeted hashtags and location, then just flip a switch and the followers flow in. TagScout  automatically engages with targeted users and draws them to follow your profile. It’s no doubt the simplest and most effective way to grow your Instagram following.

  5)   Promote Your Personal Training Content Instagram is the #1 platform to promote your personal training packages and fitness content. The best way to do this is by setting up an e-commerce store through a platform like Gymnut and promoting your workouts from it on Instagram. You can even invite your Instagram followers to Gymnut to have them follow you on there to get instantly alerted of any products you post in the future.

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