The first part of being a successful online trainer is to get your fitness brand out there and by building an appealing profile which showcases all of your products and services you’re going to be 1 step ahead of the competition. Make sure to research top marketing strategies as well who your target demographic is.

Do you have a niche expertise, or multiple specialities? Do you train men or women? Or do you just have a famous body part like your ass or abs. Build your social profile and brand that caters to your targeted audience, by applying it consistently through social media you’ll begin to generate leads and build a community of fans.

Setting up your Gymnut profile consists of the following items:

  1. Profile Picture – Pick a visually appealing profile picture, one that shows off your physique and attracts your target audience. Investing in a professional photographer won’t go unnoticed, I promise you – your brand starts with your profile picture.
  2. Banner Image - Use your banner image to highlight new workouts or ebooks, featured promotions, or challenges, to drive sales from users that stumble across your Gymnut profile. Remember, design is social proof – make your profile sleek and sexy, you will experience the returns.
  3. Bio - Use this section to separate yourself by touching on your background(specialties, experience, certifications, courses, interests), just about anything that will convince users coming across your profile exactly why they should be following you and/or purchasing your online training products and services.
  4. Syncing Social Media – Sync your social media accounts to drive traffic and increase sales for the products and services you offer – No longer will you have to direct your followers to affiliate partners. If Instagram is your go-to platform for engaging your following, the sync lets you automatically pull your Instagram posts onto your Gymnut profile, so you don’t have to duplicate posts.

Be sure to spend the time and resources necessary to build a profile that appeals to your target audience and most importantly, converts to sales! An example of a well built and successful Gymnut profile is shown below:

Example profile


Note: This is the 1st of a 3-part guide by the online training experts at Gymnut. Pass this on to any personal/fitness trainers, or athletes, whether they offer online training or not, and be a part of our mission to #RedefineTraining. 




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