The platform allows trainers to offer online training products and services in innovative ways, and diverse enough to engage and target new followers (leads) or handle long-time 1-on-1 training clients.

Below is a list of the online training products you can currently offer through your Gymnut profile:

  1. Video workouts - With Gymnuts own custom video workout builder, you can build and sell video workouts using out database of 700+ videos, or exercises that you can upload yourself. When purchased, these workouts appear in the in-app routine book and allow for interactive instruction and progress tracking for each exercise.
  2. E-books - Much like the Amazon bookstore, the Gymnut workout store also lets you sell any PDF-based e-book, or just about anything fitness-related (workout and training plans, nutritional guides, and specific tailored programs).
  3. Custom Training Plans - For custom or personalized workouts, nutrition, or training plans, you can setup and activate the ‘request workout’ feature on your Gymnut profile. As opposed to directing people to a website, e-mail, Paypal or any other third-party billing site (and losing conversions on the way), Gymnut offers built-in custom questionnaires, messaging, and our very own dropbox for exchanging materials and progress – all through a specific board for each client.

We are also releasing the following features in the next few months based on the feedback we get from our pilots.

  1. Monthly Subscriptions for 1-1 online training - Subscriptions allow you and your clients go further and unleash the full online training capabilities of Gymnut. You can offer just about anything, including the ability to assign and adjust video workouts at any time, notification/messaging service to keep clients accountable and on track, synced progress tracking so you and your trainer are always on the same page, messaging, Skype consults, meet-ups – for a fixed monthly price.
  2. Physical Products - Allows trainers to sell physical products/brands that you endorse or are affiliated with; whether its apparel, supplements, and equipment etc., directly through your Gymnut profile and with minimal logistics.
  3. Nearby Workouts - Offer pre-paid, local, 1-1 or group sessions, available to the app users as a GPS-based system they can use to find or register for nearby classes

Pro-tip: Make sure you experiment with pricing to figure out exactly what your value is, and how to maximize sales. In the end, it comes down to supply and demand. Finding and targeting your niche clientele will allow you to showcase your unique skill set which will create a community of fans providing more opportunity for sales.

Now that you know exactly how Gymnut makes it easier to offer and scale your online training business, part 3 of this guide goes into the details of how to leverage content to drive sales. Still unsure about something? part 1 of this guide offers great insight into why and how Gymnut works for online training.

Note: This is the 2nd of a 3-part guide by the online training experts at Gymnut.  Pass this on to any personal/fitness trainers, or athletes, whether they offer online training or not, and be a part of our mission to #RedefineTraining. 

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