If you want to be successful at marketing and selling anything online, you need to do one thing and you need to do it better than anyone else – create popular, targeted, relevant, and most of all interesting, content that people want to consume. Digital content can have two overlapping purposes - it can be non-promotional, or promotional. The most effective pieces of content are able to bring both elements together, providing value and driving sales at the same time.

This effect is especially pronounced in fitness,  where visually appealing content, whether its inspirational workout videos, post-workout selfies, or a model shot, act to promote your brand. To be blunt, sell yourself – people will purchase online training products and services all because they want to be as fit, healthy, and happy as you, and the better you are at portraying those things, the more you will sell. Naturally, this comes easy for the top online influencers as they prove you can make well over 6-figures by influencing and motivating- not by your certifications, experience, or times you’ve stepped on stage.

At Gymnut, we often speak about the 90/10 rule. All, or almost all of your content should be ‘non-promotional’, primarily aimed at offering value, as mentioned above, to build-up trust with your fans as a fitness expert and trainer, with the answers for the struggles they face in their own journey. Around 10% of your content should be ‘promotional’, and by that we mean, it should include a call-to-action (CTA), most likely aimed at driving sales.


The better you are at converting with your content, the more you will sell. We have put together a list of quick pro-tips on how to make great promotional content:

  1. Find the best way to make it non-promotional - It should be a natural progression from and in-line with the type of content that your fans consume from you. For example. if you have an engaging Instagram following, find a way to add a CTA in your photo in a non-distracting way without taking away too much from the photo itself.
  2. Design and presentation is social proof - Whether its a blog post, a photo embedded with a CTA, or a video clip, invest in your presentation. Studies have shown that well organized and designed visual content is the quickest way to establish credibility and trust for online marketing.
  3. Don’t underestimate the power of blogging - Gaining a community of fans and followers from photo-based content is great, but never doubt the the impact a well organized and SEO optimized blog can have. Websites with blogs receive 98% more traffic than those without one, and sites like WordPress, Blogspot, and now Medium, are all great blogging platforms. Another bonus – once you have enough blog posts, you can curate them into e-books, which you can then promote and sell to your audience.
  4. Transformation Portfolio - The surest way to sell your online training products and services, is to have a strong portfolio of transformation pictures on hand. Request high quality photo’s from your clients, especially those with the best transformations.
  5. Contests/Challenges - With transformation contests trending for 2015 we would suggest offering contests/challenges with incentives to your community of fans, allowing them to not only showcase their hard work and dedication but to prove the products and services you’re providing/selling actually work.

Below is an example of visually appealing promotional content:

overlay elements

Note: This is the 3rd of a 3-part guide by the online training experts at Gymnut.  Pass this on to any personal/fitness trainers, or athletes, whether they offer online training or not, and be a part of our mission to #RedefineTraining. 

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