Fitness and health is not just about hearing, but also about listening.

Fighting flab and keeping fit is proving to be a daunting task with each passing generation. As technology seemingly takes over our lives, certain aspects have not only been made easier, but also unhealthier. With jobs that leave us motionless all day, our bodies have become the breeding ground for chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes. The constant openings of new gyms and endless health information on blogs and media seem to be yielding no results; so why isn’t this information hitting home?

In this internet and social media age, information is merely a click away; with this convenience, comes the potential for information overload, which can make it increasingly difficult to distinguish quality information from that which may not be up to par. This fact, coupled with limited practical personal training options, have made it hard for individuals to stick to a healthy fitness regime.

Gymnut  is a social fitness marketplace dedicated to highlighting, promoting and empowering personal trainers, connects trainers with fitness enthusiasts across the globe. Gymnut was created to address the challenges plaguing the fitness and health arena. It is the place where information meets practice and professionals. The app provides simple tools for trainers to inspire, train and interact with gym-goers, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone else requiring a training plan or advice.

The fact is, no one knows it all. Gymnut is a gem of insightful need-to-know fitness information enriched by the vast knowledge and experience of not one, not two, but a constantly growing number of fitness experts and enthusiasts. Gymnut is not an all-knowing app, but an all-people app with fitness information for people from all walks of life.

Gymnut is all about convenience and a simple 2-way relationship between two groups of people who need each other. Its all-in one trainer-client board powers up trainers to communicate to the world that leverages digital spaces and social media.

The key to fitness is making a habit out of an activity. Gymnut has been placed on the foundation that people deserve to have a flexible and practical fitness training regime crafted  to who they are by the personal trainer they choose.

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