Our approach to health and fitness is not working.

Let’s face it – our approach to health and fitness is not working. Around 80% of North Americans do not get enough exercise – which is apparent when you consider the rising rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes etc. So why is this the case considering there is practically a gym at every corner, more highly qualified trainers than ever before, and a barrage of apps claiming to make you fit.

The problem is two-fold:
1) There is a lack of education, inspiration, and motivation to be healthy
2) Personal training options available today are either not affordable or practical for most people – even with all the fitness apps, fads, and trends.

At Gymnut, we believe the answer lies simply with the other 20%. We all know that person. Posting gym selfies, sharing cool workouts, planning and preparing healthy meals, or boasting about the best new supplements – it’s the gym nuts in our lives that inspire us to be a better version of ourselves.

Thanks to that person – the news is not all bad. Personal trainers and gym nuts are turning to social media in massive numbers to build followings and inspire others directly from our social feeds, the one place most of us have trouble avoiding. This got us thinking.

“What if we could leverage the infectious enthusiasm and knowledge of trainers (and gym nuts) to inspire and train others in a social peer-to-peer marketplace? One where instead of having just one trainer, you can have tens, or hundreds, or even thousands – in a community dedicated to bettering health and fitness?”

Gymnut is a disruptive social fitness marketplace that allows trainers and fitness enthusiasts (or gym nuts) to share their fitness content, build fitness followings, and seamlessly offer workouts and training plans, or just about any health and fitness product, from a branded profile page or through the Gymnut app. It’s kind of like Instagram, but built for fitness and the emphasis is on trainers.

Gymnut is not just an application, a platform, or a marketplace – it’s built on an idea that together, we can each strive to be a better version of ourselves, and bring out our inner gym nut through the community.


Gymnut trainer experience

General users

Gymnut general user experience

Attention Trainers – Get ahead of the curve.

We are releasing our trainer discovery features leading up to a launch for new year’s, and are actively signing top trainers and gym nuts to populate the platform with awesome content. Each trainer profile comes with a unique gymnut URL that can then be shared to build a following or offer workouts from outside the app. Share progress pics, motivation, healthy foods, meal planning, workouts, tip, or just about anything related to health and fitness to attract an audience that you can then offer workouts or training plans too.

We’re on a mission to #RedefineTraining. Please share this with any gym nuts you may know, or visit www.gymnut.co for more information on updates and to get started.

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