Even though more people are using social media to influence their purchasing decisions than ever before – building a social media business still requires planning, execution, and patience. Getting followers is half the battle – quality engagement and real value is critical for driving sales and building a sustainable business.

As with any other marketing or sales approach – the first step is to build a plan. If you want to offer training or sell fitness-related products on social media – you need to build an effective content plan. 

1. Know your Content Types 

The key to social media sales is driving value without being too pushy or aggressive. As a rule of thumb, 80% of your content should be non-promotional (lifestyle/organic, motivational, educational, engagement), while 20% of your content should be to drive sales – although these numbers can vary. Each of the posts in your content plan should be classified as one of the following:

- Posts that directly promote your products and offerings, using specialized ‘promotional’ content and captions.
- Note: You can’t rely on direct promotional posts alone to drive sales, this is simply a way to inform and direct users that are already interested in your training and sales.
* We recommend deleting these posts 24 hours after you post them (or duplicates of the original post) to keep your instagram feed clean as well.

- These are any posts that highlight your store or product offerings without directly doing so, typically using a non-promotional content type, but subtly driving sales through the caption. It can be as simple as referring to the ‘link in bio to learn more’ at the end of your caption when talk sharing a valuable post.

- Any post that shows your followers what they love you for, and want to see. This is the reason they follow you in the first place. Keep it real – use this to build a relationship with your audience.

- Explain your story (or part of it)
- Transformation of yourself or your clients (before and after)
- A previous life or growth experience
- An inspiring quote
- Life tip or hack

- Picture or video of you or one of your favourite body parts – including instructional tips/advice so your followers can learn/gain from
- Post a picture of one of your favourite meals, meal prepping, recipes, or any nutrition advice or tip that is reflected in your training
- Fitness fact, tip, or broad health and fitness advice that will help your followers in their fitness journey 

- Posts that engage your followers to commit an action, such as a like, a comment, or a comment with a tagged friend. This is a great way to better understand your followers, and what they want. Some examples include:
- Asking your followers a question, about their favourite cheat meal or exercise
- Asking your followers to tag a friend, perhaps their workout partner
- Asking your followers to like a post if they agree with your post
- Find another trainer in a similar follower range as you and arrange a mutual shout out where you direct your followers to follow each other. This is a great way of gaining new fitness followers.

2. Build a weekly schedule 

Sample Weekly Content Plan 

You should aim for 1-2 posts per day on each social platform, although these numbers may vary.

Sample Content plan (2 posts a day)

Monday (example – #MondayMotivation)

Tuesday (ex #TransformationTuesday)

Wednesday (ex #WeightlossWednesday)

Thursday (ex #TrainerThursday)

Friday (ex #FitnessFactsFriday)




3. Use Visual Content

Some of the top brands on Instagram see per follower engagement rates as high as 4-5% – particularly for fitness and fashion. Quality visual content lets you build and engage with your follower base, while effective promotional content lets you launch new products, remind your followers of existing offerings, and promote sales.

Take the time to invest in visual content – whether its photography, videography, or graphic design –  and be sure to create a content bank of all your best posts. It’s okay to repeat some posts as long as you don’t over kill it. It also may be helpful to delete previous promotional content when uploading the same (or new one) to avoid over-selling.


4. Get Good at Writing Captions 

Compelling captions that deliver value while subetly driving sales are a key component of any content plan and strategy. Any good marketer must be able to write effective copy, but it takes practice and patience. Be sure to add your specific call-to-actions (CTA) in your captions, when necessary.

For promotional posts, use the caption to highlight all the benefits of your product or plan in a clear and concise manner, and always be sure to direct prospective clients to your Gymnut store or product link.

Captions are also crucial for non-promotional content, letting you tell the stories associated with your photos, inspiring and educating others along the way. Strategic captions can seamlessly turn any non-promotional post into a promotional post, by subtly providing a link or referring to the link in your bio, as would be the case with Instagram, at the end of your caption.

Remember, even if someone is not ready to make a purchase – you can still add them to your sales funnel by getting them to follow or message you directly on Gymnut. This helps to add value, trust and engagement, which over time can be converted to sales.


5. Use Hashtags to Generate Leads

Trending Fitness Hashtags for 2016:

Copy and paste the top recommended #hashtags into all your posts. To optimize your posts for location and time, be sure to add additional hash tags for your city or region, and the daily hashtags mentioned above for maximum exposure.

#onlinetraining #onlinetrainer #personaltraining #fitness #gainz #progress #fitnessapp #fitspirstion #fitfluential #bikini #fitfam #fitness #girlswholift #motivation #flexibledieting #inspire #inspiration #motivate #transformation #diet #weightloss #gym #exercise #loseweight #photooftheday #gymnut2016 #gymnut


 6. Use Instagrowth to grow your Instagram organically and  targeted


What tools are you using to grow your Instagram account? Like most of us, you do it manually, right? And it consumes a lot of time. If you were like me, you have probably already hired someone off-shore to do it for you.

Here is a tool you MUST use: Instagrowth. It is the only response to the pain of growing your Instagram account.

Instagrowth allows you to set a few key targeting parameters that are relevant to your business and get you started. Then, the software uses them intelligently to follow, like, and/or comment on your target audiences media (images and/or videos) and grab their attention to your page; more visibility for you. That is one of the most efficient ways of aiming for your audience and growing your account with them organically.

It takes the pain out of your growth and does it 24/7. Here is how it works.

Let’s say you are a “female personal trainer” who works in “Downtown Toronto”, and trains people for “yoga”, “lean body”, and “post pregnancy”. You also know that @paigehathaway is the influencer for whose followers you crave. Instagrowth takes all of these key inputs, and then targets people with the interests and posted media within your inputs. It grabs the attention of the users by giving them a follow, likes and comments that you have crafted (5-10 custom comments).

Additionally, it allows you to send direct messages to all of your existing and/or new followers with a call to action which may relate to your business. For example, you can ask them to follow you on Gymnut or unlock one of your free workouts to turn them to your leads for your upcoming premium products, workouts, classes and etc.

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