The popularity of Instagram has exploded to over 600 million monthly active users, making it larger than Twitter so becoming a serious platform for marketing yourself or your business to millions of engaged users. Instagram has come out as the strongest platform to build strong influencers with real influence on their audience and disrupting many markets.

Have you ever wondered though, how other people manage to grow their Instagram accounts so fast? Success on the platform has a lot to do with your own levels of activity. Reaching out to others and liking or commenting on their photos. This draws attention to your account and brings users back to check out your bio and gallery. However, attracting tens of thousands of followers, if not millions, would be a tedious task to manage. How long would it take to gain a decent amount of followers? Months? Years?

You could hire other people to manage your account ( a very costly process) but wouldn’t it be so much easier if there was an intelligent software that could make the whole process of growing your Instagram followers and audience much more simpler, way smarter, and to many extents automated?


TagScout is exactly that software buddy you need. It helps put your Instagram account on autopilot, doing the liking and commenting activities for you round the clock, attracting visitors and then followers to your account even when you are watching TV or asleep. It’s a phenomenal tool, but must be used correctly to get you the best results. Read on to learn how to use TagScout safely and effectively.

Get Started

After signing up for TagScout, you need to connect  your Instagram account to TagScout. To do so, you simply need to click on +Add Instagram Account blue button on your dashboard on TagScout to log into your Instagram account via username and password  and get that verified. Then only after this, TagScout is able to help you out. See the picture below:


Note: Here is an article on how the verification process works.

I know what some of you may think is I am not trusting a 3rd party website to have access to my Instagram account. Rest assured, TagScout only needs the required information for the Instagram API and there is no way for TagScout to store your password. After adding an Instagram account on TagScout, you’ll be dropped onto your Insagram accounts dashboard on TagScout. See below:


In this dashboard you can setup your growth engine, DMs (Direct Messages), and Inbox. However, in this article we only talk about the Growth Engine.

Growth Engine is where you get to use TagScout for FREE for 14 days and grow your Instagram with real followers.


If you are a beginner to using smart management tools for your Instagram, probably the best bet is to turn on only Likes and Comments under the “Activities” section and leave Follow, Unfollow, and DMs for later.

Likes and Comments mean TagScout takes these actions on the discovered audience pages and media on your behalf to get them interested to check you out and potentially follow you.

If you activate ” Follow “, it also starts following these users and if you have turned on ” Unfollow ” then slowly it unfollows them to keep a healthy balance between your followers  and followings.



Under the ” Speed ” option, set your speed to slow or normal. It is wise to keep your commenting and liking activities to a slow speed during your initial start-up phase (roughly 2 weeks should be enough). This is to ensure that Instagram won’t flag your account as a spam account for suddenly performing fast activities.


As for speed you have the following options:

  1. Slow
  2. Normal
  3. Fast
  4. Custom: this allows you to set any numbers for the other fields as long as they are not above Instagram limits

Note: Read information in “i” blurbs beside each section by clicking on them. They have very useful guidelines.




Choose as many creative, generic, and welcoming comments in the list so that once at the time one of them gets picked up by TagScout and get posted on the media of your target audience. You are only limited by your creativity here. TagScout is planning to launch a well performing list of comments in its UI so that you can pick and choose from them and edit them for your needs.

When choosing comments to use you need to keep them reasonably generic (you won’t know exactly what is in the image or the video that you are commenting on) but not so generic that it is obviously an automated comment. Including hashtags and emojis can help your comments to stand out and look different from other users, whilst remaining generic enough to apply to many images. Here are a few that we have found to be useful.

Here are some example comments:



Choosing tags to perform activity on needs a fair amount of research and consideration. In general, you want to be performing activity of tags that are popular, but not so popular that they are targeted by spammers who post inappropriate or adult content. Choosing the right tags will mean that you are interacting with users who want to grow their accounts and are actively searching for new users to follow. TagScout search tool is a good one to find the list of tags and sort them by popularity or relevancy to your searched keyword.

Another way to find tags is to look at other good accounts, find what hashtags they are using and search them within the instagram app. Have a look at the feed for that hashtag and be wary of any that include inappropriate content (I’m going to assume commenting “rad” on low brow content isn’t going to appeal to your fans).  A good number is to aim for tags with 200,000 postings as they are widely used but less likely to be targeted with spam.

This is how Search button in Tags section helps you find the best tags with a click on finger:



Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 3.48.04 PM

When you search a tag such as ” Fit ” it searches all the similar and relevant tags and sort them by number of usage. You can also sort them by Name as well which essentially means you get them sorted by alphabet.

This tool gives you a tremendous power in finding what hashtags are trendy on Instagram and you can even use them for your captions.



Setting locations in TagScout is a powerful new feature. It allows you to reach target markets in a given location, which for some businesses will be of considerable value. If you know where your potential followers or customers are, then you should experiment with this feature. Keep in mind, not everyone tags their images with a location, so depending on the area you target you may run out of users to interact with. Use this along with other features.

Here is a snapshot of the feature when you search a neighbourhood such as Downtown Toronto:

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 4.10.13 PM

Influencer Accounts

This is where you enter the usernames you wish to follow or perform activity on. Find users with a similar demographic of followers as the ones you are hoping to gain. You can enter multiple usernames to expand your reach here.

Using this feature you can start searching with one or two popular accounts in your niche and then find all the other ones with high engagement, reach, and following. This feature helps you find the appealing Instagram accounts in your competition that you may never were able to find otherwise. See the picture below for the keyword ” Mens “:

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 4.28.47 PM




Last year in 2 months, I built a medical app called Instamedic, ONLY provided to medical professionals, and grew it to 20,000+ users in less than 1 year. You know how? just with the blessing of DMs in combination with all the hacks and tips I have explained in a posting called ” how you can use Instagram Direct Messages to win loyal followers“.

You can also use DMs to turn your followers to paying clients with simple strategies. Don’t forget the effect of DMs will go through the roof when it is much personalized and smartly targeted using DM features offered by TagScout. If you are a local or global commerce, or offering an app/software, even if you are a small business such as a Gym, DMs can work magic in conversions. Never ignore it.


Final Tips and Hacks

TagScout is a powerful and useful tool to automate Instagram activity and save you a lot of time. It even helps you out to find the best Tags, competition pages and popular locations in your area where Instagram users are using to take pictures and post media.  However, a cautious approach using the correct settings will ensure you get the best from the service without getting your ability to comment banned or annoying other Instagram users. As a general rule, try to use TagScout to emulate real activity. In another words, behave in a way that you would if you were doing it manually yourself.

If any of these strategies work for you we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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