From our experience working with personal trainers, fitness influencers & gym or studio owners - lead generation remains a challenge that most have yet to master.

Free sessions, engagement, word-of-mouth, social media, e-mail lists, referrals are some of the answers we get, but there aren’t any tools that streamline & improve the quality and number of leads they attract. For most, the whole process is a shot in the dark.

Naturally, we decided to tackle this problem – by utilizing our platform to empower personal trainers and fitness professionals with the best lead generation tools available. The first tool we are releasing lets you use your free products (for online and in-person) as viral lead generation tools, leveraging referrals, social media, and word-of-mouth to build leads. 

How it works?

The process is actually quite simple. All you really have to do is create a really good free digital product, consult, or class (i.e. set the price to $0) – activating a referral loop that means users must invite at least 2 people in order to unlock it, creating a loop around your product. The second step is to launch that free product and share it with as many of your contacts and followers as possible – allowing the viral loop to get off the ground.

1. Create a Free Product: The best way to generate leads for your training business is through free products, allowing you to create engagement while allowing your leads to get a sense of what your product, coaching, or class is like. Its the perfect stepping stone and helps qualify the leads that can become clients for your higher price and core training offering.

Lead generation Gymnut

Gymnut lets you offer 3 kinds of products, each of which can act as valuable free lead generation tools:

A) Free published plans include e-books, training/nutrition guides, or video workouts, which can be downloaded for free,

B) Free custom plans can be free consultations with built in questionnaires and messaging, and

C) Free sessions can be a free 30-minute 1-1 workout or a free class that leads must invite their friends too. 

2. Invite/Share Product: Once your free product is setup, the next step is to do a launch to your clients, contacts & followers – giving you product the base it needs to build up virality. Gymnut will automatically prompt you to share your product each time its uploaded or saved, taking you to the screen below. To get the most out of your launch,

we recommend picking a date and combining the following channels, most of which are built-into the platforms invite/share functionality:

 lead generation gymnut A) E-mail invites – If you use a Gmail or Yahoo e-mail server, you can send beautiful invite e-mails to all of our contacts with a few clicks, otherwise you will need to manually enter e-mails for whomever you wish to invite. Outlook/Hotmail will be added soon. 

B) SMS invites – Enter the 11-digit (including country code) for all the contacts you wish to invite. Currently, these must be entered one-by-one. Once we launch the trainer mobile apps, you will be able to access your contact list and send invite SMS’s in bulk. 

C) Facebook Messenger invite – Opens up a Facebook messenger popup with the product link ready to send to your friend list.

D) Facebook Share – Opens up a Facebook share popup with the product link ready to share on your timeline, and/or your Facebook page.

E) Post on Instagram – Create and share a post on Instagram announcing your free product. For best results, its recommended to change the link in your bio to the direct product page, for easy access. 

F) Any other blog, website, group, social platform – The idea is to get as many people to take part in the launch of your free product, letting the viral loop thrive. Be creative and share your link in places people would be looking for your products. If its a class, try local websites, listings, or groups. If its an digital product, try posting it to different social platforms or groups. 

3. Viral Loop in Action All of the invite/shared posts above will take your initial leads to your free product page, where they will be prompted to invite or share it with at-least 2 of their friends to unlock the plan, setup the free consult, or register for the free session or class – creating a powerful social viral loop around your free lead generating product. This is where you sit back, and watch the leads come in.

lead generation gymnut 4. Engage leads with the Gymnut CRM By now, your Gymnut client relationship management (CRM) tool should be filling up with leads that have unlocked your free product by sharing it with their friends. You can now use the Gymnut messaging/e-mail tool to engage your new clients, individually, or as groups. Try sending a nice welcome message, a transformation, asking some questions, or perhaps sharing one of your featured, higher priced products. The options are endless!

lead generation gymnut


Success Rates

In our beta trials, we’ve seen great success with this tool. We’ve seen cases where trainers have gained over 1000 leads in a matter of days, or filled up entire classes in a few hours. On average, 40 or so initial shares should give you around 200-300 leads. We have seen the following factors are important in determining the success of your free product based viral loop:

A) Pick an appealing title, workout description, and picture, as these will be the primary factors used to drive leads.

B) Be sure to add the price value in the title of the free plan. This helps to incentivize a referral action to get your product or offering for free. For example – instead of using ’30 minute core workout’, try ’30 minute core workout ($19.99)’ as the title, as shown in the examples above.

C) Pick a launch day, and share your free product through as many of your channels as you can. Ultimately, the success of your viral loop is dependent on the launch platform you give it.

We encourage you to try different approaches to figure how this viral lead generation tool can work best for you and your products. We also have custom analytics to track the details of your campaigns available to us. Until these analytics are made available through your dashboard, we encourage you to work with your trainer success manager to ensure  your campaigns are tracked and ultimately successful.

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