As a platform, Gymnut is flexible enough to let you offer any product or service you can think of, its online, or in-person. There are 3 kinds of training products you can currently offer:

1. Published plans or workouts - You can upload and passively sell any kind of training, workout, or nutrition plan in the form of e-books/PDF’s, or use the builder to create interactive plans with video workouts and detailed tracking. The builder comes with a database of 700+ video exercises, but you are free to upload and use your own. These are great for introductory plans or workouts that build up towards your more personalized training products.

Upload any training plans, or build your own with video instructions!

2. Custom or personalized plans - Offer custom training, workout, or nutrition plans, complete with built-in forms, questionnaires, messaging, follow-ups, and in-line payments. Instead of using numerous tools to offer personalized training – you now only need Gymnut. Its the most seamless way to offer online training.

Offer custom training plans w/ built-in questionnaires, messaging, and payments

3. Location tagged & In-Person products - Easily offer location-tagged & in-person workouts, 1-on-1 training sessions, packages, group classes or studio memberships. Whether you’re offering a popup yoga class in the park, or selling long term 1-on-1 training packages, Gymnut is the only platform you need. To top it off, the Gymnut web and mobile apps are launching a local feature this summer – letting people nearby find you and your classes/training packages.

Offer in-person 1-on-1 training, packages, classes and memberships

Pro-tip: Free plans and sessions must be shared on social media to unlock – driving traffic to your studio and products. This is a great way to drive referrals through your clients and launch viral campaigns. We’ve seen entire classes selling out within a couple hours, generating 30 new highly qualified leads for class memberships or training packages. 

Free plans or classes must be shared to unlock - driving referrals!

If you have any specific questions on how any particular products that you are interested offering, send an e-mail to, and we’d be happy to help. If you’re ready to upload products - click here to login to your studio.


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