The workout builder allows trainers to build workouts using a database of picture and/or video exercises, which can then be assigned to specific clients or published in the workout store for mass sales.

1) Click this link, or find the ‘Workout Builder’ under the ‘Workout Store’ Tab in order to create a workout:





2) Click ‘+Create Workout’ to get started


3) Before getting into the builder, fill out the workout details: title, description, tags, pictures, and price. Be sure to spend time ironing out the details and convince people exactly why they need your workout. Add tags for visibility and pick a price that you think is fair, and will generate sales.


4) Once the workout details are saved, you will enter the workout builder. The default workout is set to 7 days (one week). You can delete days, add a new week, or duplicate a complete week. You can use the green arrow to collapse or open up daily details for each week. You can also cycle the entire workout as many times as you would like.


5) Start by giving each day a title. Example ‘Chest and Biceps’, ‘Rest’, ‘Shoulders and Cardio’. Once your day is named, you can click the ‘+’ icon to begin populating exercises


6) In the daily exercise view, the left column shows a list of exercises that have been added to that day and the right column shows the exercise library with three filters to search by: 1) Muscle groups, 2) equipment, and 3) keyword search. Once you have found an exercise, click the ‘+’ button to add the exercise


7) Once you have selected an exercise, the following page allows you to detail the number of sets and reps. You can toggle between reps(sets, reps) and time(time, resistance) depending on the type of exercise. This is helpful when switching between weight training and cardio. You can also add any additional instructions you may want for that exercise.


8) After you save the exercise, the sets and reps you have detailed are added to that day. You also now have the option to edit each set individually


9) Once the exercise is saved, it will add to the daily exercise library column on the left, as shown below. Once you have added all the exercises for the day, you can move over to the next day. Every exercise you add or edit from this page is saved automatically.








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