What is TagScout?

With a per-post engagement rate of 60X that of Facebook, and 120X that of Twitter – it has become the go-to social platform for many influencers, particularly in fitness. With the popularity of fitness on the photo-sharing app, fitness culture was shot into the mainstream, creating new channels for personal trainers & fitness professionals to engage with casual enthusiasts.

Investing time and energy into building an attractive, engaging, and informative Instagram profile is crucial if you’re looking to generate a new tier of online clients for your training business.  The problem, however, that is that great content is only half the battle – to generate personal training or online coaching leads from Instagram, you must dedicate time towards engagement, whether its liking posts, leaving comments, or sending direct messages.

Instead of having to spend hours each day reaching out and engaging with potential leads on Instagram, Gymnut has developed TagScout, a proprietary tool that lets you automate your Instagram activity, attracting 1000s of new followers per month, using hashtags and location targeting, depending on your audience.

Whether you’re looking to get more online coaching clients for a new workout program, or simply looking to get more people into your local gym – all you have to do is turn the switch, and watch the leads come in. TagScout is a MUST for any personal trainer or fitness professional looking to grow their business, online and locally.


How do I start TagScout?

TagScout is currently available as a standalone dashboard separated from Gymnut trainer dashboard. All you have to do is sign up for a free trial, and pick your settings to see the growth coming. Once you turn it on, you can expect to see activity start within 12-24 hours, with followers and leads being generated almost immediately after.


How does TagScout work?

TagScout works by automating your Instagram engagement activity, so you don’t have to! You can automate the following activities, select your targeting, and customize them accordingly using the TagScout tab in the Gymnut trainer dashboard:

  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Likes
  • Comments (you can select up to 5)
  • Direct messages


How do I get the best results withTagScout?

Remember to keep posting interesting and engaging content that your audience wants to see, and make sure you have clear and concise call-to-actions in your bio, comments, and DM’s. TagScout only attracts more leads, your profile must be engaging enough to convert this visibility into followers and potential leads for your training business. For best results, put your Gymnut store link in your Instagram bio, and use that or individual products in your Gymnut store as your primary call-to-action(s). Once on Gymnut, you can use the CRM to easily manage, track, and convert all of your leads into paying clients. 


What does a successful Instagram Profile Look Like?

One of our enterprise clients, Soccer Fitness, is now using Gymnut and TagScout to generate leads and sales for multiple aspects of his business. On top of his main, Soccer Fitness profile, he now has accounts for his Soccer Fitness Training Program profile, as well as several of his facilities personal trainers. Notice how he caters the messaging in the bio and call-to-action (CTA) specifically for his target audience. You will get the most success when your targeting details are complimentary to the messaging and CTA in your bio.


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