After signing up for TagScout, you need to connect  your Instagram account to TagScout. To do so, you simply need to click on +Add Instagram Account blue button on your dashboard on TagScout to log into your Instagram account via username and password  and get that verified. 

Sometimes when you try to add your Instagram account on Tagscout, Instagram may ask you  to verify if it was you trying to log into your account. To make sure you are able to simply and easily add your account, follow these steps:


1- Go to your Instagram app and get logged into your Instagram account that you wanna add onto TagScout dashboard.

2- Come back to TagScout and try to add your account by putting down your Username and Password. See below picture:



3- You may see a screen similar to following screen to verify your account.


4- Go back to Instagram and refresh your page to see a message from the Instagram similar to the screen below. Click on the whiet button in the bottom of the page reads ” This was me”


4- Go back to TagScout and again login. You should be good to go now.


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