As a trainer, I learned early on that people usually dislike taking on hard tasks due to being forced out of their comfort zone.  If you ever set foot in a commercial gym/health club you will notice that 99% of the strength equipment is catered towards more upper-body emphasis training  (bench press, bench press and bench press) with only 1% catering to some type of leg training (leg press and squat rack).

Without a doubt, this can be attributed to simple fact that training legs is either dreaded by most, or avoided altogether due to lack of knowledge and/or the sense of discomfort that it brings many gym-goers. It’s amazing how people will hesitate on training the only two things responsible for moving you throughout this physical world. Yes, I said the only two things that stand between you and the ground are your two legs, and the weaker they become, the harder it will be to move!

So when leg day rolls around, you may be asking ”WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME!?”

Well, I am definitely glad you asked…

1. For Men: More Muscle, For Women: More Tone

This is an easy argument to make to men. If you train your legs, your body will experience a spike in muscle building hormones through its very physiological reaction to the type of stress being placed upon it.

Unfortunately, women often perceive this as,” O-M-G I’m totally going to get huge thighs and calves!”

No, you will not. Women simply cannot produce the amount of hormones required to gain the amount of mass they fear they will achieve through training legs. By not skipping leg day, however, women will be able to “tone up”, shape and strengthen their glutes and lean out their legs with some serious definition.

2. Increase Upper Body Strength.

Wait, what? So by training my legs I am simultaneously improving my upper body strength? How is that possible!?

When you train legs, some of the popular choices of exercises include Lunges, Squats and Deadlifts. When you work through these lifts, you need to engage everything in your trunk and above to stabilize yourself and execute the movements effectively. In other words, any of these movements passively engage your core, which will further assist in the development of your upper body strength and body as whole.

3. Mental Fortitude.

If you want to be an overall success in whatever you are training for, developing your mental ‘grit’ and endurance is key! In any goal-oriented task, it is those who are mentally weak that cannot sum up that final bit of strength to exude the resiliency commonly exhibited in those who are strong enough to finish what they started.

“It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.” – A League of Their Own

Training legs is no easy task; it is mentally and physically taxing on anyone who is training their legs effectively. But by constantly training through a challenging set, you condition yourself mentally and increase your tolerance of challenging situations. This will help you push through the most frustrating workout days, weeks or even months and will better your chances in realizing your ultimate training goals.

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