Fitness 2.0 sits down with personal fitness trainer Eleanor Pineau,  for an in-depth interview and discussion about fitness, training, and healthy living.

1. What got you into fitness?
I have always been into fitness. I started out as a provincial gymnast, soccer player and hockey player. I also was an international snowboardercross athlete with the Ontario Snowboard Club. And when I got to university, I played varisty hockey at Western University. I have never not been a competitive athlete so all these sports have required both on- and off-field training with and without the team. Now that I am not on a competitive team, I continue to train in the gym and playing intramural sports. Fitness is not just a thing I do, it is a part of me – something I live by everyday.

2. What experiences, skills, and certifications make you unique?
As I said, I have been an athlete in various sports throughout my life.
I also hold a Senior Fitness Instructor Certificate – so I can train people with chronic conditions (osteoporosis, sciatica, heart failure, etc) safely and effectively. I also bring in my fun and bubbly side to my training especially when I train older women…they love to dance so I show them some of my sexy salsa moves and it brings down the house – they’re a great bunch.

3. What is the biggest highlight of being a personal trainer?

I think the biggest highlight of being a trainer is seeing the smiles on my clients’ faces after the workout (during too!). It’s when they lift that little bit heavier, jump a little bit higher, and run a little bit longer. It’s the tiny successes that accumulate into one big one. I love being part of the process and making someone’s life truly better – not just in looks, but in self-esteem, stronger bones, healthier heart, increased mood, improved sleep, etc. There are so many benefits to exercise that people don’t realize so when I am able to point them out, things my clients’ didn’t even list as goals are now accomplished!

4. What are your personal fitness goals?
I have a couple fitness goals. And as a reminder, everyone’s fitness goals are completely individual. For example, because I have a buldged disc, I can’t lift really heavy, so I don’t set a goal of 300lb back squat.
My most recent goal is to do a muscle up.
Other goals of mine consists of: run a half marathon, bench 125lb.
My main goal is to feel awesome! I feel awesome by being me, hitting the gym or the field with friends most days, and having fun. I work at this every single day. Keep it in check, you know?

5. Who is your fitness idol?
William Lien (aka Lien Gains). Will is a personal trainer in Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. This guy is literally a beast. You know that saying: “if the bar ain’t bending, you’re just pretending”? Well Will is the epitome of that saying.
Will has been working out since highschool and hasn’t stopped since. He is so dedicated to his clients, always creating new programs to help them meet their goals. I have heard him say that everyday he goes out making it his goal to make someone else’s life at least 1% better.
Will is a super intense trainer and will kick your ass into shape quick. He is super effective and knowledgeable, and passionate about what he does… You’ve got to be when getting up at 4am every day.
So I think what makes William Lien my fitness idol is: his passion, his dedication, and his will to never give up.

6. If you’re not in the gym where are you?
If I’m not at the gym or playing sports, I’m in my office doing research and running data sets. I am currently researching the effects of social vulnerability (or being lonely) in older adults living with and without dementia. Specifically, I am looking at hospitalization rates, death rates, and quality of life outcomes as a result of being lonely.

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