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1. What got you into fitness?
I was actually a little overweight as a teenager, I got a set of weights for my 15th birthday and was hooked.  I was relentless. I trained every single day for a year straight.  I obviously didn’t know any better but I was able to dramatically transform myself to a lean and muscular physique.   This process also sparked a curiosity for how the body works and I wanted to learn more about physiology, nutrition, and exercise.  I decided to go to college for Fitness and Leisure management in hopes of having a career in the fitness industry.
2. What experiences, skills, and certifications make you unique?
It’s hard to isolate what makes me unique.  However my military instructor and amateur boxing experiences probably make me different than most trainers.  I believe my passion for learning is the unifying factor that contributes most to my success.  I’ve invested in several fitness certifications and seminars over the years, including Olympic lifting, kettle bells, animal flow, power lifting, facial stretch therapy, assessment courses and many more.  Having a broad skill set allows me to apply the right modality to the client at the right time, not to mention keeping things fresh and as much fun as possible in the gym for my clients.
3. What is the biggest highlight of being a personal trainer?
The biggest highlight for me is the personal connection with people. Just the other day a client reminded me how much our training has changed her life. I often forget how much influence I can have on a person’s life well beyond the physical. Whether I help them go through dramatic weight loss, deal with stressful times, improve their quality of life by helping them move better, or even putting a smile on their face when they are feeling down.  The process can’t help but involve deeper connections with the person, elevating their mental, physical, and even spiritual well being.  I always want my clients feeling better walking out of the gym than walking in.
4. What are your personal fitness goals?
Nothing specific at the moment, however I am training with fitness diversity in mind.  That is, being well rounded in my fitness capacity is more important to me nowadays, especially as I get older. From strength and endurance, to movement and athleticism, I want to be comfortable in all of these domains.  I love to train and this philosophy allows me to have a higher frequency of training by moving the body in a variety of different ways and not over-taxing it in any given way. My weekly routine often includes the big lifts (squats, deadlifts etc), kettle bells, sprints, rowing, animal flow and even yoga the odd time. I recently did a 25km trail race as a different way to challenge my body.
5. Who is your fitness idol?
Nobody specifically.  Although I am always inspired by the perseverance and those that overcome all odds to accomplish things.  This could range from someone overcoming a physical limitation or adversity in their life. Athletes that come to mind include Jim Abbot pitching in the major leagues despite having only one hand, Mario Lemieux’s battle with cancer ,and Theo Fleury’s struggle with past abuse.  All these cases required tremendous courage and mental strength to achieve what they did and provides a reminder to all of us to never give up.
6. If you’re not in the gym where are you?
Sorry but not a very exciting answer for you here. I’m more of a homebody than thrill seeker, so playing guitar or watching a movie are my favourite ways to wind down.  Spending time with family and friends is also important to me.
To see more of Joey, visit his personal website here.

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