So you decided to make a change for the better and finally kick-start your diet and exercise program. You sign-up for your first official gym membership and bust though the open doors ready to take on your newest challenge of  self improvement.

You scope out the lay of the land and see the cardio diehards panting away on the treadmills and ellitpicals, the muscle mongers throwing iron around the weight room and everyone in-between going through their (what it looks like) routine work outs. Then it hits you like a hundred pound dumbbell: the intimidation, the hesitation, the fear.

Welcome to a world where running is the norm, weight lifting is highly praised sport and motivation is served three times a day to starving individuals hungry for personal improvement. This all may seem a bit intense for those who aren’t even used to being active one day a week.

Here’s the thing, we understand that the fitness domain can be an extremely intimidating place for beginners. But have no fear, our team here at Gymnut is here to ease your worries and support you in all your future endeavors within the wide world of fitness! Need a spot? We got you.

With that said, here are three fundamental facts that every beginner needs to embrace in order to put their fear of the fitness world to rest.

Everyone Starts Somewhere

No one was born an elite athlete who scarfs down twelve eggs a day and can crank out twenty pull ups at any given time. No matter how fit the population of this new realm may look, they were all beginners at one point in time. The novice exerciser must understand that in order to get to where they want to be they must start slow and remain consistent.

Real fitness enthusiasts understand the struggle of starting out and will actually want to reach out to help those in need. It may seem like an unlikely situation, but the fitness population hates seeing people getting hurt doing something ineffectively. We as a culture always strive to pay it forward to those who are in need. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that we were in your shoes.

The Buddy System Works

Having someone there to experience this journey with you will eliminate the powerless feeling of going at it alone. Both of you can experience new things together and know that you have each other’s support to fall back on when things (or workouts) get difficult. You may feel more of an obligation to not let the other one down which, in turn, gives you less wiggle room to get out of working out for the day.

In fact, there are a number of studies boasting the increased probability of sticking to an exercise program when you have a buddy involved. The reason is simple; you don’t want to let each other down. Little by little, you will both begin making strides towards your goals and won’t even realize it since you will be unknowingly pushing each other to surpass your own expectations.

Don’t Let Your Ego Make You Lose Focus

The desired perception of yourself which you choose to present towards others when you’re starting out in the fitness environment will fool no one. If you are a beginner, you need to understand that you will also look like a beginner, and that is ok. The individuals who look like demi-gods as they push through their superhuman workouts are focused on their own regiment and not anyone else’s. Their focus is the reason why their fitness intensity is at such a high level. All you need to do focus on your own level no matter where it is at any given moment.

In order to execute this, you must realize your specific goals. Figure out exactly how much body fat and weight you want to lose, muscle you want to gain and by which specific date. Post it somewhere you can always see and make that your focal point to work towards.

Once you make your exact goal your own center of purpose each time you get into the gym, distractions will not be tolerated. It is with this intense focus that you will slowly, but surely, elevate your fitness level above and beyond.

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