Even the most devoted fitness fanatics have moments of weakness, in which the gym may not seem like a plausible reality for that day.  Maybe you’re half way across the world with not a gym in sight for miles? Maybe you’re starting a new job/new school year and your routine is simply a mess? Whatever the cause for the pause in fitness may be, it does not have to be that way. There are plenty of ways to stay in check even without the gym.

Often, when traveling, people do tend to stray from their usual intensity of workouts simply as a break from the wear and tear on their bodies. But these people also do not want to lose everything they have worked so hard for. Staying healthy and fit does not need to be a hassle while on the road! Below are a few tips that can help you stay healthy, fit and confident while away from the usual gym scene.

A key aspect of staying healthy and fit while your gym life is in a ruckus is to stay hydrated. Airplanes and stress can cause serious dehydration which is detrimental to your physical and mental health. When flying it is good to maintain a steady stream of water intake both before and during your travel time. Having an electrolyte filled beverage also aids in keeping the body sharp and hydrated when dealing with dry airplane air or continuous physical and mental stressors. Try EMERGEN-C, or even a Gatorade to keep your electrolytes on target and your body working efficiently.

Gymnut is a great tool to use when trying to get in a quick work out while away. There are plenty of great free workouts and also some seriously good workouts that you can pay for.  If you have access to internet, using Gymnut allows you to train your body without having to create your own routine from scratch. Whether you are after the regular “8 minute abs” segment or a 45 minute bootcamp style video, you can find it on Gymnut or ask one of the personal trainers to make it for you.

Hiking is an amazing workout and it allows you to explore all at the same time. Keep your water intake high if in a super hot climate and enjoy the scenery. I am currently in Hong Kong and one of my main activities here is to hike to my favourite restaurant. Not only is it motivating and satisfying to reach my goal at the other end, it keeps my heart rate up, sweat pumping and fitness level high! There are plenty of local maps, and information booths around the world to get information on local hiking locations.

Keeping your nutrition in line is key to staying healthy while away. It is very easy to grab a Coke and a sodium filled meal for a fast boost of carbs, sugar and caffeine, but in the long run that is dehydrating you further and causing your body to swell and feel sluggish. This does not lead to a hefty work out later on. Trying fresh, local foods is a great way to experience new things while eating healthy, as these meals are far less likely to be full of preservatives than a fast food combo. Also, finding a grocery store for fruit and veggies is a great alternative to that bag of chips at 7-eleven.

Doing workouts with body weight and even resistance bands can make all the difference while away. Bands are easy to pack because they are light weight and can do a million different workouts. Push ups, squats, sprints, and planks are all easy and effective exercises that can be done almost anywhere and can most often be intensified with that handy little resistance band. Also take advantage of pools, oceans and lakes! Swimming is fantastic cardio and forces you to engage a wide range of muscle groups to propel you through the water. However, always make sure to verify that the water is safe to swim in before doing so, dangerous currents or contaminated water are always a risk.

Finally, keep up with your protein shakes. The protein will keep your muscles strong and help turn what exercise you can do into lean muscles. Also the dose of nutrients from berries, spinach or whatever fresh food you add to your shakes will keep your body healthy and allow you to recover and maintain your fitness levels.

Going on vacation is a beautiful thing and starting  new chapter in life can be extremely exciting and staying fit all the while is possible. Its the simple things that make all the difference in this aspect of the fit life and letting yourself go hurts no one but you. Keep up the hard work and a disrupted routine will never stop you again!

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