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Jordan Phoenix the Founder of Uncommon Sense answered this question recently on a Quora’s thread which really caught my attention. He started off with, “The exercise program I use takes only twelve minutes per week, hits all of the major muscle groups, and does not require a gym membership”. This sounds pretty cool to a lot of us; professionals, students, lawyers, travelers, the list goes on and on…

He explains that this program is based upon research done by Dr. Tabata on Olympic athletes. Dr. Tabata discovered that the most effective workouts for both strength and endurance were the ones comprised of low-duration and high-intensity exercises. In a nutshell, ‘Work out less, but more intense’. What this means is that you can get better results from running sprints than from jogging several miles; while also saving yourself loads of time in the process. In twelve minutes a week though? How? Simple. Here is the breakdown:

Four workouts per week. Three minutes each. Within the three minutes, you do six sets. Twenty seconds of all-out, gun-to-your-head-style reps. Ten seconds of rest. Repeat six times.

Day 1: Squats. Use only your body weight, and go from standing position, to seated position, and back up again.

Day 2: Push ups.

Day 3: Pull ups.

Day 4: Sit ups.

In the first glance it may sound inefficient but trust me it is harder than what you think. I got this workout loaded to my phone on Gymnut and headed over to gym. The first time I did it, I thought it would be just chilling at the gym, and this is not going to make me sweat at all. However, by the third set, I was falling back on my butt doing squats and walking like a Zombie chasing a rabbit after the workout.

Jordan also says “The only equipment you need for this is a pull up bar. Experiment and find what works best for you.” Sometimes, you can disregard the time limits and just do 50-100 sit-ups. Sometimes the sit ups are too easy, so use bands to add resistance, or add a few more sets to them. Sometimes, especially when just getting started, it’s better to do 10 seconds on, 20 seconds of rest, or 15-15.

If you search YouTube for Tabata songs, there will be songs made for this workout which synchronize the beep for the workout, so that you don’t have to stare at a clock as you exercise.

Here you go now you have an advance version of this workout ready to be downloaded onto your workout list on your phone. Go to this Tabata Workout created by Armstrong Fitness, unlock it and then start your journey.

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